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Grapetrotters are people who love to travel for wine.

The Grapetrotters Journeys are trips we've designed that we personally conduct through different areas, multiple days, all-inclusive, very exclusive itineraries for people who absolutely love wine and want to discover more corners of the World in a well-planned manner with knowledgable guides.

Each year we'll organise different special trips for small groups from 8 to 21 people, joinable options for individuals or couples or small groups of friends to join.

The founders of Grape Tours, Pierre & Rebecca Gouttenoire, will usually personally guide the tours.



From a few wine lovers who have joined us in the past...

This was our second wine tour with Rebecca and Pierre from Tuscan/Nice Wine tours. First trip in Tuscany in 2014 and second in Nice/Liguria in 2016. Our party of 8 has been doing wine tastings across the world for the past 10 years and we enjoy unique and wonderful wine and food experiences.

Nice Wine Tours exceeded all expectations and even our experienced wine tasting group learned something new on this trip. (See picture below of a hint). Our three -day tour included the
Bellet, Provence, and Dolceaqua (Liguria) wine regions. The wineries we visited were all unique and of course, had very delicious wines!!! We also had lunch with wine pairings with local chefs and restaurants in each of the regions. Food was amazing!! If you are a foodie, this is a tour for you as well. 

Rod was our friendly wine master in Nice. His background and experience in the wine industry 
is very deep. He is the type of person you can learn a lot from about wine and he is willing to share his knowledge.

We will be back again!!

Jack Su (TA name)

Texas, USA

I've been travelling Italy for 16 days, and the Wine and Food tours with Grape Tours was the highlight of my trip! I had tours with them for 4 days last week: San Gimignano - Montepulciano - Chianti Classico - Montalcino.

On Tuesday, it was with Pierre who is making wine of his own (!!) and a group of 8 people including me. We had chocolates, olive oils, balsamic vinegar, then a walking free time in beautiful San Gimignano. Had lunch at a saffron agriturismo farm+lodge, and it was just fantastic! Then we went to a winery where everything is
bio, and they made one of their white wine with an ancient method. It was very cool the whole day.

From Wednesday, my guide was Ilaria, who is informative, funny and caring. A group of 4 people went to Montepulciano, where the scenery was just perfectly beautiful. Then we went to have 6 different types of Pecorino cheese, and the farm was even more pretty with sheep, pond, flowers and the Tuscan heel view. Had lunch at an eco and modern winery, with all their lightning is from the sunlight. I tasted the most delicious prosciutto made of Tuscan pig, Cinta Senese, pici and 5 kinds of wine to match. Such a lovely lunch it was! Then we went to a traditional winery and tasted 5-6 more. They were very flavourful and complex wine.

Chianti Classico on Thursday started with a medieval castle on the top of Chianti Classico area. The castle has a quite modern tasting room at the foot of the heel and the sommelier was very caring to attend me with all my comments and questions. We stopped by at a small but pretty village Radda, and went to a modern, big (to me, but Ilaria said it's medium sized) winery where bottling was
on going at the site. Their Vin Santo cellar smelled so good.... Then it was time for the world famous butcher at Panzano! It was definitely the most delicious salame that I've ever tasted in my life. The lunch was succulent with 3 types of meat. On our way back, a short stop at Castellina, there was a really good gelato shop. Yummy! It was a very full day in terms of my stomach... ;)

Friday, it was 7 people group and the people were the funniest. We laughed a lot throughout the whole day at Montalcino. We started with truffles for breakfast at San Giovanni d'Asso, then had a walk at Montalcino with honey tasting. I never knew there were that many kinds of honey. Finally came lunchtime at a family run winery (well, most of them were!), and had absolutely delicious pappardelle al ragu! Not only that but also we had salad, chicken, beef and potatoes with 5 wines. The surprise has not ended there. The next winery was at a hilltop of Montalcino, with 2 lovely dogs, where the best Brunello in my life was produced.

I wrote a lot, but if you don't want to read, forget about them and just for the tour. No word can express my experience here.

Visited May 2015

Tayonne (TA name)


What an experience! We had a private tour for 8 and we're amazed at how perfect it was--absolutely every second. The tastings and tours were illuminating and extremely exclusive (we met or were guided by the winery owners at everyone) plus we had the most amazing experience lunch and experience with the "crazy butcher". Don't ask. Just go. It was brilliant and one of the highlights of our entire trip. Thanks to Pierre (an expert winemaker from France--we were honoured he was our guide for the day) and to Grape Tours for a 100% perfect experience. Worth every single penny.

Visited April 2014

Askaroundtravel (TA name)

California, USA

My family and I can not recommend Rebecca from Grape Tours and the San Gimignano wine tour enough. She was a pleasure to spend the day with and her knowledge of wine and the region was unmatched. Every stop on the tour was better than the next, thanks to the wonderful locals and their establishments which were specially selected to offer the best of the region in one perfect day. Our only regret was that it had to end, but it was such a great value and experience that our next time back we will absolutely do it again. The only change being we won't choose just one day!

Visited May 2014

Paul D (TA name)

Ohio, USA

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