French winemaker, Pierre Gouttenoire, made “black wine” in Cahors. Today you will learn about Malbec from Cahors where the grape comes from.

Contrary to Bordeaux and Burgundy, Cahors is not a region that’s on everybody’s lips.

But Malbec was born in Cahors, and even though little known as a region, its grape is famous thanks to the many plantings in Argentina. An inky grape giving origin to a black wine, Cahors AOC, that you should know about.

Virtually experience 2 whites from the Loire valley with Pierre Gouttenoire, French winemaker and wine lover. See how 2 different grapes work in the same terroir.

In the Centre Loire valley surges amidst the vineyards a village called Pouilly-sur-Loire. In this area you’ll find two grapes giving origin to different AOCs. The first, taking its name from the village, Pouilly-sur-Loire AOC is made with the grape Chasselas (which you may have heard of from Switzerland), and the more well-known Pouilly-Fumé AOC, famous for its smoky style of Sauvignon Blanc.

Pierre Gouttenoire, French winemaker and wine lover, takes you to the region of Madiran in the Southwest of France to discover the super-tannic Tannat grape variety.

Tannat is a grape that you may have heard of before, especially from South America (Uruguay, Argentina). Today we discover its place of origin in Gascony, and more specifically in the Madiran AOC region in the Southwest of France. The grape got its name from its auspicious tannins, today tempered by skilful winemakers…learn how in this 3-minute video: