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Cassis, white wine in Provence

Provence is rightfully renown for the best rosé wines in the world, but there is more to Provence. Just check out this beautiful wine found in the Cassis AOC!

Had you ever heard of Cassis, the wine region? I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't. The area covers merely 200 hectares, but viticulture here has been around for a long time, probably concurrently to the city of Marseille that neighbours it.

The region's main production is white wine predominantly made of the grapes Marsanne and Clairette. Because the bottles are few in numbers and the area attracts a lot of tourism, a large part of the wine is consumed in loco, so it may not be super easy to get your hands on. But you should certainly try and if at all possible, match it to some delicious oysters.

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