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Rhone valley Grapetrotters Journey

So, all our trips for 2020 have sadly been postponed to 2021. It was a big bummer for us as we were so looking forward to some of our first trips and to meeting other wine-loving travelers. But, alas, destiny set a different course for...well, the whole world.

So, we're sitting tight and getting the most out of this tragic situation, pursuing a lot of reading and a little bit of "research" travel - as much as we believe we can allow ourselves to at this moment.

Our two boys are now finally back in school. Proud parents of 3rd and 4th graders (proud because like most others we homeschooled them last year), we're now getting a bit of free time back and are planning the future trips in further detail for 2021 but also for 2022. We've decided to postpone Champagne and Sardegna to 2022 in favor of pushing Piemonte up to the beginning of September and doing an extra Umbria, Abruzzo, and Le Marche trip in May of 2021 - as the June one is already fully booked. Hope you'll take a look at the trips and start planning for the great come-back after the storm. The greatest revenge will be to travel better than ever before!

Here's a sort of preview of the Rhone trip that we did whilst traveling through checking out the sites, hotels, and restaurants. It's truly stunning and the wines are to die for!

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