Pierre is French and as such knows all about good wine. Just kidding, of course!

Pierre studied Agronomy & Oenology and spent a good many years working as a winemaker in Languedoc and subsequently in Bordeaux. He joined the Master of Wine program in London and is always keeping up with the wine world.

A dedicated father and husband, Pierre is the co-founder of Grape Tours and spends a lot of his time running tours and planning exciting new adventures for his guests. He also loves to travel and doesn't mind watching a rugby game or two...


Rebecca is Danish/Canadian but moved to Italy in the 90'ies where she found her calling in wine & food. After managing a successful wine bar in Florence and after plenty of self-studies (tasting!), she decided to start a wine tour company in 2004 that gradually developed into present-day Grape Tours.

Rebecca is a certified Italian Wine Scholar educator and runs classes at the Italian Wine Institute in Florence. She's also a professional olive oil taster.

Family life is high on the list, but Rebecca also enjoys travelling (for wine or food) and is keen on photography.


We just love wine!

But of course, that's not all!

Wine is nature & wine is culture...all through time that man has evolved so has this divine beverage.

Today the wine world is wide and spreads over many climates, terroirs and cultures from Old World to New World. We want to explore this world, to map it in our minds, to taste the many flavours that it has to offer, and ultimately to understand good wine.

Join us in our ventures as we make sure to see beautiful places along the way, visit cultural sites, eat amazing meals and mingle with the locals.

As we know our guests work hard to join us, we make sure to offer only the best and with the most possible comfort during the journeys.

We hope you will join us!


Romance & wine...

Pierre was a winemaker in Bordeaux and Rebecca was a wine drinker in Tuscany - yin, yang, bang!

Rather incredibly, we met during a wine tour that Rebecca was guiding in Tuscany in 2009 and after a few sips of Tuscan wine, Pierre was ready to move to Tuscany and start a new life!

Today we run the Grape Tours wine tour operators together, running daily tours in Italy and in France.

Pierre hand made a couple of vintages of Tuscan wine "Jollie" for the 2 young sons birth vintages.

Home is somewhere between Florence (Italy), Nice (France) & Ebeltoft (Denmark), and the 2 beautiful sons are being trained to take over the business one day ;)